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Val Hood is a Sydney based medium originally from the UK.

Why do you go to see a Medium?

What are you looking for?  I get questions like “can I connect to a loved one who has passed?  Am I going to get the new job?”

Are you psychic?  Do you want to learn to hone your skills?  Would a workshop be right for you and if so what level would you be at?

We never stop learning, no matter who we are, so today could be the right day for you to make that move.

I have been doing this work for 27 years and am so passionate about teaching and demonstrating true evidential Mediumship.

I trained mainly at the Arthur Findlay College in the UK and have worked internationally for much of that time.   I have worked in the following countries : Australia, UK, USA, Europe, Israel, New Zealand.  I have also been luck in working with many renowned mediums from Europe.

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