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A Medium’s role is

by | Aug 6, 2017 | 0 comments

Giving survival evidence from loved ones who have passed on to prove that they are still with us.  It is also a healing, helping people to move on and get some quality back in their lives and the lives of those around them.

Unfortunately there are those out there, I hear about daily, who give wishy washy, bad, negative information.  This is NOT what mediumship is for and about.  There is a huge responsibility with this work and a good sound training is so vitally important.  Yes some of us are naturals, BUT we all have to learn to focus AND to give correct information in the correct way and for it to be uplifting and motivational.

Below are two emails I got from people I read for, which still touch my heart.

“I was at the Spiritualist church in Farnham last Sunday with my mum and my partner Geoff. I have always believed in the afterlife and discussed it freely with my boys, Kieran had even attended with me a few times. I had stopped going – not needing the reassurance that it brings until both my boys died. Last Sunday my babies had been gone for 8 weeks only. The medium arrived, her name was Val Hood, she had never been to the Farnham church before. She said she had a message from a young man who had died tragically and recently and proceeded to describe my 9 year old – she then stopped and with tears in her eyes said that his sibling was with him and described my 11 year old. Now I know from visiting this website that losing 2 children is very rare – you wouldn’t make it up. She then went on to tell me about many things that I have and haven’t been doing that she would never have known. She also came up to me afterwards and apologised for not being able to produce their names – trust me, I didn’t mind, my partner, my mother and I were all in tears – Geoff has said that its the most amazing experience of his life. It has lifted my spirits so much, to lose both my boys has totally devastated my life but this one woman has given me so much hope.”

“I have spent over two years terrified of my cancer and the voices in my head. One hour with you and everything fell into place. I feel safe, in control and ALIVE!! You have given me my life back and helped me escape from the saddest place in the universe. I shall be eternally grateful and whether you want one or not, you have acquired a true friend for life!! Thank you, you have given my boys their mum back and my husband, his wife. How cool is that!!? You will always have a special place in my heart. I can’t thank you enough! “


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