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Your future begins here….. … with a Vision Board

by | Jul 15, 2017 | 0 comments

In 2008 I read the book The Secret by Rhonda Byrne.  I had read many self help books but none of them affected me or motivated me like this one.  At a very negative time in my life a  friend had gifted me this soon to be prized possession.   Next time I saw him I was still complaining.  He was cross with me and told me  I had not put the principles of The Secret into action. So away I went with a flea in my ear and started doing just that.

I not only read the book but watched the DVD and bought the CD’s which I played in my car constantly.  Slowly slowly, things were beginning to change with my thinking.  I also created a vision board, very half heartedly at first I must admit. You know when you hear new miracle ways to help your life – yehyeh!

After a few months I realised that a few of the things on my vision board had actually happened!  Wow, that was quite amazing.  My vision board has changed over the years due to those things coming to me.  In fact only a few months ago I decided that I should move.  So on to the board went a picture of the Harbour Bridge, a particular beach, and a top floor appartment.  And 4 weeks ago I moved in to an appartment in Monterey, top floor and the exact  same beach across the road from me.

I also had a picture of my Australian visa and on 4 July 2016 after much struggling to get this, I was told I had been granted my visa.

 It doesn’t have to be a board either.  I use my computer and create a page and copy and paste pictures of what I want.  To start with I put on small things, now I put up those much bigger things and they just keep comin!.  Once I have put them up I don’t think about them too much, as I know that when I have sent that energy in to the Universe it will happen.  I have again changed my board and I KNOW that I will get what is on there.  Remember what you send out you get back ten fold!

Why don’t you try and set one up, put a copy in each room, even the bathroom – I do and it makes me laugh every time I go in!

Then sit back and watch it happen.  However, that does not mean that you have to wait for life to happen. We still have to be as pro-active as we can to put things in place for these changes to materialise.

It worked for me and I have told many more peopl about the book, so why can’t it happen for you.  Its got to be worth a try.  You must remember also to stay positive and focussed as that helps too.  Stop worrying, let go and be happy with the new future you are creating for yourselves.

Happy visioning!!

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