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Hall Place Bexley

by | Jul 8, 2017 | 0 comments

By Sam Lennon of the Dartford Messenger

Hall Place is said to be Bexley’s most haunted building with six ghosts. On the eve of Halloween mere mortal Sam Lennon visited the 16th century mansion with two mediums to learn about the spooky goings-on. A spiritual medium believes she saw the White Lady of the Tower, one of the ghosts said to hand Hall Place.

Val Hood felt the presence of the spirit of Lady Constance at Hall when I took them to visit the Bexley mansion. Ms Hood said: “I saw a young lady walking down the stairs in a beautiful, elegant light coloured dress. She had dark hair dressed in a bun and she smiled at me as she walked down”.

Ms Hood, with fellow medium Karen Ford from Surrey, arrived with me at Hall Place and were told nothing about its history or mythology. But Mrs. Ford felt other presences and Ms Hood showed and uncanny ability to relay accurate details about Lady Constance. As Ms Hood began picking up the vibes from the mansion she slowly relayed the details: “She was a sad lady, there was a great loss for her. I believe it was her husband and she missed him terribly and couldn’t bear to be without him. Did she take her own life?”

Lady Constance had seen her husband gored to death by a stag in the courtyard. Conflicting stories say she either killed herself or died on the spot from shock. There have been stories about her ghost moving around and wringing her hands in despair.

Steve Tucker, heritage steward at Hall Place, said: “I personally don’t believe in ghosts but things have happened here that are unexplained. “Footsteps have been heard in the attic and galleries not open to the public. Staff members have also said they have felt cold in parts of the building for no apparent reason. “Some visitors have said they have seen figures looking out of windows and found nobody there.”

There is a story of one staff member setting off the alarms after hearing the footsteps along the corridor. When he followed the sound to a downstairs corridor he found it empty. There have been other reports of spectral music in the minstrel’s gallery.


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