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Are you paying attention to your signs? Demonstration with a Hulahoop!!

by | Jul 15, 2017 | 0 comments

I was doing a demonstration with one of my students, Sophie at Camden Spiritualist Church, NSW.  As the service began, I was made aware by Spirit of some hoola hoops, which were hanging on the wall.  Strange!  The service had begun but I was pushed to go and get one.  To my dismay they were all chained up.  Disappointed I went and sat down again.  But as I did I was drawn to a cupboard at the back of the room on top of which were half a dozen hoola hoops just sitting there.  I quickly went and picked one up.

I got some very strange looks from the audience, but I had to do as Spirit had directed me.

As part of a Church Service the medium has to do a talk to inspire and uplift the audience..  So I stood up with the hoola hoop and said to everyone “I bet you think this is a bit strange but…” and explained why I had picked it up.  They all laughed.  Then I said to the audience, “I think everyone knows how difficult it is to do hoola hooping”  The audience agreed with me. I then tried to demonstrate, and the hoop just fell to the ground with me wriggling around like an idiot, trying to keep it up. (Great mental picture).

Not put off, I proceeded to explain, with the use of the hoola hoop, how life is difficult and that no matter how many times we fall, we have to “wriggle” our way through and keep trying, no matter what.  I was able to use the hoola hoop throughout my talk to demonstrate the points I was making, with much hilarity and tears. Showing that there is always another way to do things and to never give up.  Also to me, the hoola hoop symbolically represented “our” world and that there is always someone or something in it that will help us through whatever difficulties we are faced with.  ALWAYS!

Spirit are so funny.  I have to pay special attention to the things they say, do or show me.  They NEVER cease to amaze me.

When the service was finished we left with yet another group of people who think Val Hood is a crazy nutter.  Giggle Giggle.

Are you paying attention to your “signs”?  What are they?


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