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Knowing ourselves and the world around us

by | Jul 15, 2017 | 0 comments

I was listening to a wonderful and inspiring interview with the late Gordon Higginson. There’s a snippet available on YouTube.

The focus of the interview is all about improving the standard of mediumship through teaching. But the what I think will resonate with you, as it did with me, was that before we can master anything, we need to discover who we are in ourselves and learn about the Spirit world around us.

Gordon says:

“We start off without knowing what we ourselves comprise of. The various vehicles of expression within ourselves. The differences between our physical body, the etheric body, and the many other bodies, which are all together bound by the power of the Spirit.”

Isn’t that just marvellous?

I’d love to know what message you take away from that, where it resonates with you.


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