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Little Val to Hang with Big Buzz – Maori Activist Buzz Noble

by | Aug 6, 2017 | 0 comments

…. oops should have read ……Little Val to Hangi with Big Buzz

In 2012 when I was visiting friends in Auckland we went  to visit the historic Waitangi Treaty Grounds.  We ended up at the Te Whare Runanga, which is the meeting hut on the site where they carry out performances and ceremonies,  such as a Hangi, where there was a large crowd of people and  a camera crew.  We got closer to see what was going on and could not believe it when this rather large Maori man ushered us both in and yet was turning others away.  We did not question it and followed them in where we joined others sittingon the benches.

Something quite solemn was going on from the atmosphere, the look on people’s faces and the tears that were being shed.  The Maori man, who was called Buzz Noble, was leading the event speaking in his Maori tongue. Very passionately I might add.   He then spoke in English and we realised that 2 sons had been lost from a boat accident and that the parents of these young men were in the audience. They had been part of an expedition by young Norwegian men trying to follow an ancient route from Norway to Antarctica.  Sadly their boat had encountered problems and 2 of the young crew were lost at sea.

Then another young man stood up and spoke, again in his native tongue.  This to us appeared to be a very spiritual, solumn occasion and we felt moved to be part of it.  When the young man had finished, Buzz Noble pointed to me and asked would I like to speak!!! Wow.  What was I to say and more importantly why had he asked ME to speak? Anyway as you do, I stood up and told them all that I was very honoured to be asked to speak and to be involved in this very emotional ceremony but felt that it was a very spiritual occasion and that I was sending healing to all those in the room.  Then thanked them again and sat down.  It was certainly a very very emotional, and highly energised event.  Then Buzz said the final closing words and it was all over.  After which I was able to chat to Buzz and got this amazing photo with him.

Kathy and I walked away from this in awe! Why had that happened, why did they invite us in and turn others away?


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