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New Beginnings…

by | Jul 15, 2017 | 0 comments

I am now living  in Sydney in fact near the sea in Monterey and who would have thought that!

How many times have you had to start over again?  I know my whole life has been a series of “here we go again” moments, and as we get older it does NOT get any easier I can tell you.

Have you considered though, that those changes are meant to be, you are not in the right place if it does not feel right.  I know with myself when I have been forced to make the changes, I reflect at where I had been and where I am now AND it’s always better.  So many times though, fear is the thing that stops us making those changes.

I have learned to step forward and out of many situations which has been really scary, but my belief that the Spirit World are working with me has been life changing.  When they told me “give up your job, give up your home, give up your country”.  WHAT!!!!

But I did, I have trusted every scary step of the way that they (Spirit) can see the bigger picture and I am meant to be making those changes.

I would add here though that I am not one of those who say “Spirit will do this for me”.  You have to be very pro-active yourself.  Work with the situation and put things in place that will help to to move you forward.

It doesn’t have to be major things either, changing furniture position, cushion colours can make a home feel new and revived.  Instead of being grumpy with family members, smile at them and be positive, find things that you used to do together and do them again !

Sometimes its blind faith, sometimes a knowing but when I look back I am amazed by what I have achieved and I know that we can all make those necessary changes to our own lives to create the new beginnings and create the magic in your life.  Step out of your comfort zone.  Trust your intuition, Spirit, call it what you will.  Make life happen, create your new beginnings from the things that need to end!


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