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Pennies from Heaven

by | Jul 8, 2017 | 0 comments

I have been having a wonderful time in the UK catching up with family and friends.  I would like to share this lovely story from a reading I did here on this trip…

A medium’s job is to interpret messages. However, sometimes we just have to give the information we get and it’s up to the recipient to “get it”. This recent reading was one of those wonderful heart felt “got it” moments.

A beautiful older man turned up for a reading, he had recently lost his wife. He came in very quietly and I connected to his wife in spirit. From the evidence I was getting I could tell she was a really beautiful soul who adored her family when she was alive.

During the reading she kept giving me the phrase “pennies from heaven”. I knew that this was an old song but he didn’t understand what it meant, but still she kept repeating this phrase. So I obviously had to keep giving it.

The reading continued and again and again I was told “tell him pennies from heaven”. He suddenly broke down in tears and his “penny had dropped” (excuse the pun).. “I am going to see my grandchildren tomorrow and I have a cheque to give each of them. This was a decision we had made before she passed, but then she died…..”pennies from heaven” of course……

He was so happy, there were tears of joy, he was carrying out “their” wishes and she was right there with him watching those joint plans being put into action. How insistent this beautiful lady had been in getting that message across. She knew what he was doing and wanted him to know she was happy about it. She was still helping her family even though not physically here.

My trip to the UK is nearly at a close but am excited to be working with Gail Riding and Dave Williams again at the following events. Coming back in October see below.


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