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Spirit show or tell us that they’re around but 99% of the time we don’t pay attention!

by | Aug 14, 2017 | 0 comments

That familiar song on the radio – the one that just happens to be a loved ones’ favourite – you keep hearing it.  Why can’t you get it out of your head, what is it telling you?  Not only the song itself but the words!  What do the lyrics mean to you, what aren’t you paying attention to?

I know that when I send out my questions to Spirit they always listen, and I will always get my answer.  It could be something I read, something I see, or something someone says, but they WILL let me know they’re around.  During private readings, I might ask “What’s his name?” and then see truck drive past marked “William & Son” .  Of course, William is the name I am looking for!

If you are being drawn to a reading or Spiritualist meeting, it could mean that someone has a message for you.  When you get to the meeting, you may not necessarily be selected by the demonstrating Medium to receive a message from the other side publicly, but did you listen and pay attention to the rest of the evening?  Messages aren’t limited to the words that come through the Medium, and sometimes the words have meaning for more than one recipient.  What about the songs they chose today, could they have been a favourite, or played at a funeral or wedding?

Recently at a demonstration I found myself reciting the nursery rhyme “Mary Mary Quite Contrary”. It starts off with five little maids all in a row, and as it turned out the recipient was one of five sisters – and Mary was one of them! And apparently, also quite a contrary person…

As Mediums we have to learn to interpret the messages in the best way we can.  Thinking to myself “Oh I don’t understand that” and moving on doesn’t allow me to deliver these important messages, so I always share the information I receive with my clients, even if it doesn’t make sense to me – it might be the missing piece of the puzzle for you.  This is so when you sit for a reading you are receiving precisely the message you are meant to get.  My students are learning how important this is too!

When choosing a Medium to connect with your loved ones in Spirit, recommendation and word of mouth is always good (that goes for teachers too) and take note of those you’re drawn to.  But also, start paying attention to the signs and messages that you’re receiving and learn to interpret these for yourself! 


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