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How do you want to be remembered when you die?

by | Aug 14, 2017 | 0 comments

When a Medium brings through messages from a loved one, they can bring information psychically and mediumsticly. Which means directly through your energy, or from Spirit. But what have you seen Mediums bringing forward?  “Your granny loves you and wore a pinny and liked to cook” or “She says she is watching you”.

That tells us nothing.

Now if I told you that your granny had a glass eye and a wooden leg and she DID, now wouldn’t that be something!? If someone dies at 89 – they have 89 YEARS OF STORIES. Why can’t we tap into that, telling the beautiful, wonderful, ups and downs story of their glorious life?

I want to be remembered with love and humour and for the silly things I got up to, the tattoo (not telling), the failed hair do’s (ouch), the tenacity and strength to get through difficulties in life. Once, I travelled to the other side of the world because spirit told me (yes, crazy I know, but true).

As a recipient, if someone was bringing my granddad through, I would love to be reminded of the bike he rode – without a chain.  Why?  Because he kept falling off it!  He had a funny lump on his head that we used to make fun of, he whistled constantly and conducted orchestras in his head all day, he told funny stories of his army days when the “fuzzy wuzzies” stole his boots.  When I was 10 he found me on the doorstep crying and sick and took me in bathed me, changed me and kept me warm till my Mum came home.

There is so much love, passion, and personality in a person’s life, and THAT is what a medium should be able to convey. (((So I am training mediums who when I do go, they can tell all these silly stories about ME!!)))

Do you want to be able to connect to the Spirit world like this?  Then I think I might be able to help you….


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