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Yes that’s right I was taken by Gold man…

by | Aug 6, 2017 | 0 comments

and preserved in cellulite.. oops, I mean celluloid!……………. I was demonstrating with various other Mediums at a theatre in Surrey, UK with my friends, Martin Parsons, Elsa Ayling (psychic artist), Eve and Steve Lamont.

Steve had been chosen by Jane Goldman to work with her on a series of TV shows she was putting together and he was helping her to learn about Mediumship Development.

As part of that show, she brought her production team to the theatre to film Steve in action.  So camera’s were set up and we were all to do our demonstrations of mediumship.

I was to work with Elsa the psychic artist. If I remember rightly Martin was up first, then Steve.

Of course camera’s were only to be rolling for his particular stint as he proceeded to demonstrate his mediumship.  When he finished the camera crew, of course,  shut down.

Then I was next up and I was connecting to a lady from spirit who described herself in a very specific way.  No one in the audience was taking her which was a bit scary I can tell you with all those people staring at me.

Elsa the psychic artist was busy drawing and she was actually drawing the lady I was connecting to in every detail.  I kept asking if anyone recognised this lady when eventually only one person in the whole theatre put their hand up and it was Jane Goldman herself!

Wow!  So the camera’s were quickly rolling again and Elsa’s and my demonstration became part of that same programme.

Taken by Gold man and preserved in celluloid!

Not only preserved in celluloid but preserved on the internet! Yes that’s right, you can see the actual event and me on stage right now. It’s 8 min 30 seconds into the show!!


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