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A Reading is Healing …

by | Aug 14, 2017 | 0 comments

The number of times I give a reading to someone and that person walks away, completely changed.  They look at life differently.  With a much more positive outlook.  We often feel alone in life and that we are dealing with things on our own.  But knowing that loved ones who have passed are still with us, is the most uplifting feeling.  So when a person passes, their physical is gone of course, but their spirit is always with us, helping, guiding, still listening.  When they were here in the physical the majority would do exactly this.  It is us who cannot sense them, cannot hear them talking to us, cannot feel when they are close.  We need to open our hearts and minds and try harder. Of course there were those who were not so nice in the physical, but my experience is that after passing they try to put things right and to help.

Recently I had a lady for a telephone reading, and boy did she sound so flat when I first spoke to her.  Initially she was in a no hope situation, no job, no money, no relationship, wanting to move – all the normal stuff really.  But at the end of her reading when she realised that family members from spirit were with her, helping her, what a turn around!  She ended up almost wanting to run out the door to set up a new venture.  They had pointed out to her all her fantastic qualities, capabilities and skills.  All of which she had forgotten about.

I also had a period where 3 young people came to me for help.  All of them not wanting to be in this world for one reason or another.  They had a good talking to from spirit and many years later they are all still here,  successful and happy with their lives.  Again spirit showed them how much better life could be for them.

I know personally when I have been in difficult situations, knowing that spirit was with me, no matter what, was the most comforting thing.  I made a habit of waking in the morning and asking them for their help.  I would say “I am not sure who is with me or what I have to face today, but I know that you are there and that you are helping and guiding me THANK YOU.”

Spirit don’t do it all of course, we have to change our attitude, be more positive, see that light at the end of the tunnel.  I know for a lot of us that is so difficult to do, but we have to try, we have to see that this is a great life and WE CAN make it that way but of course it is so much easier if we have the knowledge that spirit is there by our sides, watching and helping. 


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