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My past life recollection

by | Feb 11, 2022 | 1 comment

When I was living in NE Victoria, 2013, I had an idea to set up a weekend fair. I was determined for it not to be a psychic show, I just wanted to raise awareness of the many wonderful businesses that a lot of people just did not know about.  I was told by a few locals that this would not work or would not be successful.  Well, that was like a red rag to a bull for me. 

I set about contacting businesses, booking a hall etc and the thing grew and grew.  There were 50+ stalls, workshops and stage performances for 2 days.  Then I was made aware that it was courtesy to ask an Aboriginal Elder to open the event and do “Welcome to Country”.  I called her and we agreed to meet.

It was amazing, when I arrived, we were dressed in identical colours.  There were so many co-incidences.  Her maiden name the same as mine AND she told me 3 months prior to our meeting that Spirit had told her that there would be a “barbie doll” who would walk up her path and there was me standing there dressed in pink with blonde curly hair!

We sat and had a cuppa and I listened as she shared some of her story.  I must have gone into a trance-like state as I didn’t feel “present”.    I suddenly felt my legs swinging, I was sitting on a tree stump about the age of 5 and was listening to my “mother”. 

I remember coming out of the trance-like state, and very excitedly telling her “you were my mother”.  And she just said “Well of course I was”. 

She asked me where they (her people) had come from, and I told her I didn’t know.  She hounded me for the next few days, asking repeatedly “where did my people come from” and it just would not come to me.

Then a few days later I called her, I told her I was standing in front of my map of Australia. I  said “I am looking at Uluru, going to the right and down a bit” and named the town.  She was excited to tell me that was where her people had come from!! 

Coincidence or a past life connection? 

I knew that Australia was important to me in more ways than I was consciously aware of, it was just that underlying feeling.  When I had first come here for my 40th birthday, I felt as if I had come home, and didn’t understand why.  After having this experience, I knew that Australia had been “home” in another lifetime and I was meant to come back.

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  1. Cheryl Shoesmith

    That’s amazing Val blessings n light to you


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