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The Leap of Faith

by | Jul 15, 2017 | 0 comments

How many of us have been in that place of fear?  I can’t move forward, I am stuck!  What do I do?  Where do I go?  Who will help me?  There is no one there for me!

One of my favourite Spiritual Principles is “personal responsibility”.  That means  simply “taking responsibility for your own actions and deeds”.  You, not anyone else, just you. 

It is not a case of letting spirit do it all for you – that does not work.  However, when we have trust and faith in spirit being around us everything is possible.  We have to remember to be pro-active with what we want in life but knowing that we are being guided and helped along the way is so very comforting.

Send out your thoughts for what you want and know that they are listening.  Then get on with helping yourself.

  • Stay positive – eliminate the words “I can’t’ for “I can” “I am able” “I can do it”
  • Be happy within as that will reflect around you
  • Let go of unwanted or negative situations, friends, even family
  • You don’t have to climb the mountain in front of you, just walk AROUND the bottom!
  • Surround yourself with love
  • Help others where you can – this in turn helps you
  • Remember what you give out you get back 10 fold
  • Your cup is always half full
  • Don’t think lack think ABUNDANCE
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