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Common questions asked by students

by | Feb 14, 2022 | 0 comments

Why me?  What is happening to me? Am I going mad? Is this for real?

I have trained many students over the years and many of them have asked themselves these questions, myself included.  Learning to “Trust” those voices in your head is tough sometimes.  That’s where a good, supportive teacher comes in. You have been “chosen”, Spirit is working with you, you have a “gift”.

Why am I not progressing?

You probably are, but Spirit just want to make sure that you have covered and understood everything.  Without those solid foundations we will fall and Spirit don’t want that to happen. Trust Spirit and your teacher and that you are in the right place, doing the right things.

What am I doing wrong?

You may not be doing anything wrong, you may just be having an off day.  We have to understand that the same as Spirit do.  Just take a step back and try again, come at it a different way, listen to your teacher.  So many students do things their own way, or “this is the way I have been taught by others”.  That simply may NOT by the right way for you, or you have changed and your Mediumship has changed.   This has happened to myself many times over the years and you have to learn to accept what Spirit is doing and trust that the change is necessary. 

NEVER become complacent with your Mediumship. Your Ego will take over.

I can’t stand in front of people!

Standing in front of people can be very daunting, I know that, BUT if you put you/your Ego to one side and let Spirit work directly through you, there will be no blocks.  I know with myself, even after all these years, I get up on platform and I am pushed aside for Spirit to do the work they need to do.  When they have finished, a lot of times I don’t remember what has been said! Practice, practice, practice makes perfect. We never stop learning.

Why me?

We are all like beacons of light to the Spirit World and some of us shine brighter than others, those brighter ones are who Spirit have “chosen” to work with. This is a calling, you are chosen, you have a special gift.  What we need to do is bring out that ability within you, hone those skills and build your confidence, so you believe in yourself and the Spirit World.

I do not want to do platform work!

Interestingly most of those who say this, do end up ON platform doing the BEST mediumship I have seen.  It’s not about what you want to do with this work, it’s about what Spirit KNOWS you can do.  Again you just have to TRUST the process and go with the flow.

Last week I was great and not this week, why?

A lot of us have blocks with our Mediumship, and we have to learn how to overcome them, NOT walk away from it.  In our everyday life we have good days and bad days, and working with Spirit is the same.


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