In light of the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) social distancing is necessary.
Readings and classes are available now via Zoom classes, Skype and Phone until further notice. Thank you.



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According to the Spiritualist National Union, this is definition of Spiritualism Spiritualism is a rational religion based on the proven knowledge that man’s spirit survives physical death. This has led to a philosophical and scientific approach new to traditional religious faith. Spiritualist philosophy contains neither dogma nor creed and it is discussed rather than preached....
Orbs have many names including globes, globules, balls of light, and hovering round balls. They appear in all ranges of brightness from bright-glowing to faded-barely-visible. They are usually quite fast and follow an erratic pattern of flight. Positive orbs are believed to be the spirits of the dead by many. However, other theories suggest that...
New Addington Advertiser – 16 Sep 2005 Bill Bylett New Addington Advertiser – 16 Sep 2005 An elderly man is convinced his home is being haunted by his late wife who died less than two weeks ago. Bill Bylett says he has twice seen his wife’s spirit in front of him – and has invited...
Surrey Mirror Thursday 28 July 2005; Reporter Stephanie Turner, feeling a little spooked, went to find out from a woman who first heard her own grandma aged eight – and returned with surprising results. To say I was skeptical about the world of clairvoyancy is an understatement. But I’ve always been game for a challenge...
Redhill & Reigate Life – 24 August 2005 – Gemma Wheatley Regulars have seen a ghost called ‘Stan’ pulling pints. If you order a spirit at the Railway Arms, you might be surprised at what you get. The pub in London Road, Merstham, is said to have been haunted for many years but recently reports of...
Connecting With Spirit
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