In light of the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) social distancing is necessary.
Readings and classes are available now via Zoom classes, Skype and Phone until further notice. Thank you.



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The number of times I give a reading to someone and that person walks away, completely changed.  They look at life differently.  With a much more positive outlook.  We often feel alone in life and that we are dealing with things on our own.  But knowing that loved ones who have passed are still with...
Giving survival evidence from loved ones who have passed on to prove that they are still with us.  It is also a healing, helping people to move on and get some quality back in their lives and the lives of those around them. Unfortunately there are those out there, I hear about daily, who give...
.... oops should have read ......Little Val to Hangi with Big Buzz In 2012 when I was visiting friends in Auckland we went  to visit the historic Waitangi Treaty Grounds.  We ended up at the Te Whare Runanga, which is the meeting hut on the site where they carry out performances and ceremonies,  such as...
and preserved in cellulite.. oops, I mean celluloid!……………. I was demonstrating with various other Mediums at a theatre in Surrey, UK with my friends, Martin Parsons, Elsa Ayling (psychic artist), Eve and Steve Lamont. Steve had been chosen by Jane Goldman to work with her on a series of TV shows she was putting together...
A lot of people come to me for readings with the expectation that Spirit will tell them what to do.  Usual questions, relationships problems, jobs they hate, or ‘how do I get off the night shift’ for instance. What people don’t realise is that Spirit is not there to do this for us!  Yes they...
Connecting With Spirit
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